Excursions are available throughout the Prescott – Prescott Valley area. Reserve your spot by visiting the Tickets page.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled excursion to the corresponding address.

All excursions with registration through our website include a Day Pass admission ticket. To redeem your Day Pass wristband, simply present your excursion ticket to the ticket booth on any day of the event. | September 16-18, 2022

Excludes Run For the Hill of It, Self-Guided Hikes, and Adventure Quest Game.



Host: Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit
Date/Time: Friday, September 16 at 11am – Sunday, September 18 at 1pm

Location: Beginning at the event, waypoints at various locations, and ending at the event – 3201 N. Main St., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Enjoy a friendly competition with your friends, family or total strangers in our Adventure Quest Game! In this adventure challenge quest you will be faced with finding geocaching locations around the event area, take pictures at local landmarks, answer trivia questions, and discover many other adventures. Watch yourself climb the leaderboard for a chance to win prizes! Who is ready for an adventure!?! All ages welcome.

This 3-day game runs Friday, September 16 at 11am to Sunday, September 18 at 1pm.

Sunday, September 18 from 2pm-2:45pm will be the Awards and Prizes Ceremony held at the outdoor stage near the Founding Fathers Collective beer garden and food truck court. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 players.

COST: Free



Host: Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit
Date/Time: Sunday, September 18 from 8am-12pm

Location: Beginning at the event, waypoints at various locations, and ending at the event – 3201 N. Main St., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Purchase your ticket/poker card hand at the Excursion Tent located at the outdoor event area entrance or on the tickets page on the website. Bring your off-road vehicles, side-by-sides, or dirt bikes, to participate in a 5 card, off-road poker run, collecting player cards along the way, working toward a poker hand. You will visit 4 waypoints along Walker Road and out Bannie Mine Road area to collect a card at each, and your last waypoint will be back at the event. Prizes will be awarded to the best poker hands!

COST: $25 per Poker Hand Punch Card


8am-10am – Check-in/Registration at the Excursions Tent at the main entrance of the outdoor space.

12pm – All poker hands turned in at the Excursions Tent

2pm-2:45pm – Awards and Prizes Ceremony at the Outdoor Stage near the Founding Fathers Collective beer garden and food truck court.

WHAT TO PACK: A government issued ID or driver’s license, bottles of water, snacks or lunch in an ice chest. Any of your typical offroading gear.

WHAT WE PROVIDE: A poker hand punch card per $25 Poker Run Rally ticket purchased. The route map. Guaranteed prizes to the top 3 poker hands turned in by noon. Likely more prizes to give!


Host: Mile High Offroad
Date/Time: Friday, September 16 at 3pm-6pm, Saturday, September 17 at 8am-6pm,  Sunday, September 18 at 8am-3pm

Location: Outdoor Event Space – 3201 N. Main St., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Mile High Offroad invites you to bring your side-by-side, jeep, dirt bike or off-road vehicle to test it for yourself. The onsite track features a rock garden, whoops, table tops, moguls, off-chamber berms, and features made from logs, tires, concrete barriers and more. 

COST: $25 per 15 minute time slot

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Purchase a ticket, then sign up for your 15 minute time slot. Park onsite at the designated Rock Crawl Experience parking lot on the southwest corner of E. Lakeshore and Main St. Arrive 20 minutes early to check-in, sign the waiver and to get your vehicle inspected before hitting the track.

WHAT TO PACK: A government issued ID or driver’s license, bottles of water, and any of your typical off-roading gear.

WHAT WE PROVIDE: A carefully thought out track by a local team of off-road enthusiasts. Tractor to pull you out if you get stuck. Chance to win $200 when you participate in the R.A.C.E. Grading hill challenge. (A separate $25 ticket)


Host: Town of Prescott Valley’s Run For the Hill of It
Date/Time: Saturday, September 17 from 6:30am-10am

Location: Glassford Summit Trail – 6000 East Antelope Lane, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Starting and finishing on the Glassford Hill Summit Trail, the “Run For the Hill of It” offers panoramic views of Northern Arizona all the way to the summit of the mountain. Enjoy the trail at your own pace as either a runner or hiker! All ages welcome.


Early registration: Adult $30 | Child (15 & under) $15

Day-of registration: Adult $35 | Child (15 & under) $20



6:30am – Check-in/Registration

7:30am – Race Starts

10am – Awards Ceremony

NOTE: Day of registration for walk/run is cash or card only and registrants may have medals and T-shirts mailed post-race. Check-in/registration is from 6:30am-7:30am at Glassford Summit Trail – 6000 East Antelope Lane, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314.

WHAT TO PACK: Bring a water bottle, wear comfortable and weather appropriate clothing, tennis shoes, and a hat.


Host: Born To Be Wild Adventures
Date/Time: Saturday, September 17 from 9am-11am, 11:30am-1:30pm, or 2pm-4pm

Location: Willow Lake Boat Ramp – 1497 Heritage Park Rd., Prescott, AZ 86301

Born to be Wild Adventures invites you to gather your friends and family to go kayaking on one of the beautiful lakes in Prescott, AZ. Explore the large rock formations Granite Dells has to offer, bird watch, or soak up the sun on this early fall day. At 400 acres Willow Lake is the largest lake in Prescott. Boating is limited to electric motors and the lake is perfect for canoeing and kayaking. All ages welcome! Children 12 and under are free because they will double up with an adult in a tandem kayak.


NOTE: Swimming in Willow Lake is prohibited.  Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early at the Willow Lake Boat Ramp – 1497 Heritage Park Rd., Prescott, AZ 86301. There is a $3 parking fee on-site. Electronic waiver must be signed onsite.

WHAT TO PACK: A government issued ID or driver’s license, sunscreen, hat, insect repellent, water shoes or sandals, wear quick drying clothing, water bottle, snacks or lunch, a towel, a change of clothes in case needed.

WHAT WE PROVIDE: Kayaks, life jackets, and dry bags.


Host: City of Prescott
Date/Time: Any day between 7am-7pm

Location: Various trails and locations

In Arizona, exploring the outdoors is an ingrained part of our culture. Thousands of residents and visitors responsibly enjoy our amazing parks, trails, forests, refuges, wildlife areas, historic sites, wilderness areas, rivers, lakes and reservoirs every year. Prescott is home to hundreds of miles of designated trails; more than 15 distinctive named hiking, biking (and sometimes horse) trails wiggle through the natural scenic beauty of the community and the Prescott National Forest. Trails range in difficulty from “Novice” to “Expert”.

Download the Avenza app, which can be found in the app store on your phone or on the City of Prescott’s website, to view the geospatial version of the Trails and Recreation Map. It includes trails, bike lanes and routes, motorized trails, streets, parks and open space, and other recreational information.

COST: Free

NOTE: Remember, responsible recreation requires participation by everyone. Always be respectful of the wildlife and vegetation on public lands and be sure to check the rules for recreation ahead of time for the specific area you’re planning to visit.


New to hiking? Here is a simple checklist that can help keep new hikers from getting into a bad situation and require emergency assistance:  

-Bring more water than you think you need. Turn around before half of your water is gone.

-Watch the weather. Arizona’s high temperatures can be deadly. Hike when it’s cooler outside.

-Dress appropriately. Sturdy shoes, shielding clothing, hats and sunscreen.

-Pack it in, Pack it out. Don’t leave waste behind.

-Know your abilities. Don’t push yourself too hard.

-Stay on designated trails.

-Don’t feed wildlife.

-Take responsibility. Be informed. Plan ahead.  


Host: Granite Mountain Guides
Date/Time: Saturday, September 17 from 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm

Location: Granite Gardens – 2523 E Granite Gardens Dr., Prescott, AZ 86305

This is your opportunity to explore Prescott’s Granite Dells from new heights, literally! Ages 5-95+ years old welcome. Join Granite Mountain Guides for rock climbing & rappelling in the Granite Dells near Granite Creek. The Granite Dells that surround Willow Lake and Watson Lake are a unique treasure that has nearly 750 climbing routes in them. Most routes are shorter, but still pack a wide breadth of adventure. All of that adventure comes with easy access as well, with the vast majority of climbing areas accessible with only a 10-20 minute walk from the car. As an added bonus, there are an extensive amount of routes that provide breathtaking views with every step up. We look forward to “showing you the ropes” in the beautiful Granite Dells!


NOTE: Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early at the Granite Gardens – 2523 E Granite Gardens Dr., Prescott, AZ 86305. Waiver for Granite Mountain Guides must be signed onsite.

WHAT TO BRING: (Required) Closed-toed shoes (Hiking shoes, etc.), daypack (large enough to carry your personal water, food, and layers as needed), personal prescription medications (including, but not limited to, epinephrine auto-injectors for anaphylactic allergies), sun protection (lip balm, sunscreen, wide-brim hats, sunglasses, etc.), Water Bottle (1L minimum), and weather appropriate clothing (layers to help keep you comfortable and/or dry, such as synthetic materials and wool). (Optional) Personal climbing harness, personal climbing helmet, and personal climbing shoes

WHAT WE PROVIDE: All equipment required to climb and rappel with your Guides for the day,


Host: Leighnor Aircraft
Date/Time: Saturday, September 17 from 9am-11:30am

Location: Leighnor Aircraft – 6418 Mac Curdy Dr, Prescott, AZ 86301

Fly an airplane, no experience necessary! All ages welcome! Age 17 and under need a parent present. Age 16 and up may be co-pilot. Experience the thrill of flying through a low-key, relaxed Discovery Flight. Our Certified Flight Instructors will guide you every step of the way. 


$195 – 1 passenger

$245 – 2 passengers

$295 – 3 passengers

NOTE: Leighnor Aircraft waiver will be signed on-site.


-Flights are conducted in 2 or 4 seat, single-engine propeller-driven aircraft in which the instructor and student will sit side-by-side. They are meant for flight training and are a safe, reliable airplane for your Discovery Flight. 

-Arrive on time at 6418 Mac Curdy Dr, Prescott, AZ 86301. You’ll be briefed for about 15-20 min., fly for around 60 min., and then allow for time for photos in front of the airplane. Full experience is 1-2 hours. 

-Your friendly instructor will ask you questions to see what your level of interest is and give a complete preflight safety briefing, discuss the flight route and what to expect. Talk to your instructor and let them know what direction you would like to fly. If it is within range and does not violate any airspace restrictions, they’re usually happy to oblige. Note: We are unable to do air tourism flights of any kind at this time. 

-After takeoff, when the instructor has maneuvered to a safe altitude and to an area where you can practice, your instructor will demonstrate how to do basic turns, climbs, and descents, and will let you control the aircraft. It’s always dependent on your level of comfort. 

-Turbulence is usually not an issue, since Discovery Flights are conducted on calm days and  instructors will steer clear of choppy weather, but turbulence isn’t entirely predictable, but don’t be alarmed.

-Headsets are worn to reduce the cockpit noise and to communicate with each other. Only those in the aircraft will hear you speak. 

-Even experienced pilots can get queasy, it can be a side effect of flying. If you feel nauseous, tell the instructor and he’ll get you on the ground as quickly as possible, where you’ll feel better almost immediately. 

-You will receive a student pilot’s logbook with your Discovery Flight logged at the completion of your flight. Your instructor will discuss next steps if you are interested in more flying.


Host: Prescott Shooting Range & Gun Club
Date/Time: Sunday, September 18 from 5pm-9pm

Location: Prescott Shooting Range – 1200 Iron Springs Rd., Prescott, AZ 86305

This is the place for individuals with little or no handgun experience to start. We equip everyone with a Smith & Wesson .380 EZ semi-auto pistol and provide the ammo, rental electronic earmuffs and eye protection. Even if you already have a gun and have done a little shooting, our common training platform (and the easy-to-operate firearm) will ensure that you are focused on learning safety and shooting fundamentals rather than wrestling with your gun during the class. You’ll spend about 2 hours in the classroom learning the fundamentals; the rest of the time is spent on the range: practicing safe methods for loading and unloading, then live-fire exercises on the shooting fundamentals. Our class is only 10 students to ensure a low student-teacher ratio and close, personal attention, so register today to ensure your seat.


PREREQUISITE: A good attitude and willingness to learn!

NOTE: Waivers will be signed onsite.


-S&W M&P .380 EZ firearm rental (if you would like to learn to shoot a revolver, please call us about scheduling a private lesson)

-Up to 100 rounds of .380 range ammo

-One set of rental hearing protection

-One set of rental shooting glasses

-A rental holster (for carrying the firearm unloaded only; this is not a holster draw class)


-Range and classroom time

-Instructor and 2 Range Safety Officers


-A stiff belt, about 1 ½” to 1 ¾” wide, preferably leather or nylon, to hold the holster and gun up!

-Long pants with solid belt loops that fit your belt

-A long sleeve, high-neckline shirt

-Closed-toed shoes

-Baseball cap (recommended but not required)

-Due to COVID, we understand and welcome students who wish to wear a mask. We currently do not require the wearing of masks. 


Host: Armor K9
Date/Time: Saturday, September 17 from 1pm-2pm

Location: 2nd Floor, Findlay Toyota Center – 3201 N Main St., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

This Armor K9 Obedience Class will help you create a better bond with your dog through clear communication and effective training, resulting in a happier and more reliable dog.


NOTE: NO DOGS ALLOWED – We want to focus on teaching the humans. Findlay Toyota Center does not allow animals, with the exception of licensed service animals.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Presentation, question and answer session with live demonstrations of recalls, loose leash walking and basic obedience.


Host: Prescott Ebike Tours and Rentals
Date/Time: Saturday, September 17 from 9am-10am, 10am-11am, 11am-12pm, 12pm-1pm, 1pm-2pm, 2pm-3pm, 3pm-4pm, or 4pm-5pm

Location: Iron King Trail Head – 4668 Salem Pl., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Prescott E-bike presents a one-hour self-guided e-bike adventure on the 4.2 mile beginner level Iron King Trail. Enjoy one hour of effortless riding along Iron King Trail with beautiful and breathtaking views. You’re sure to enjoy yourself and maybe even want your very own e-bike when all is said and done. 


REQUIREMENTS: Must be 12 years and older, a minimum of 5 feet tall, and know how to ride a bike.

NOTE: Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early at the Iron King Trail Head – 4668 Salem Pl., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314. Electronic waiver must be signed onsite.

WHAT TO PACK: Bring a water bottle, wear non-baggy comfortable and weather appropriate clothing, tennis shoes, and a hat.





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