Summit Planning & Vision Committee

The mission of the Prescott Valley Outdoor Summitt Committee is to build a better outdoor summit through collaboration, cross-promotion, and shared passion for the outdoors. We want to ensure success of our sponsors and exhibitors while enhancing the experience of all who attend the annual summit. We meet monthly and work together to promote and grow the event. Members are listed alphabetically by company name.

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Cody Lundin

Aboriginal Living Skills School
Cody Lundin


Cody Lundin is an internationally recognized professional in the field of primitive living skills, modern wilderness survival, bushcrafting, and urban self-reliance training. He founded one of the oldest continuously operated survival schools in North America – the Aboriginal Living Skills School, LLC – in 1991 in Prescott, Arizona.

Cody has been featured in media sources including The Today Show, History Channel, Dateline NBC, CBS News, USA Today, The New York Times, Esquire, Playboy, Good Morning America, The Donny and Marie Show, NPR, The Weather Channel, TV Guide, Discovery Channel, Newsweek andBackpackermagazine to name a few.

He has consulted for National Geographic Television, PBS, the Travel Channel, the FederalEmergency Management Agency, the United States Forest Service, the National Park Service, Copley News Service, CNN Newsroom, Fox News, and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), among many others.

Cody is the author of two best-selling books on survival and urban preparedness, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive (2003) and When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes (2006). When not teaching for his own school, he is an adjunct faculty member at Yavapai College, Prescott College, and The Ecosa Institute.  

Aboriginal Living Skills School Cody Lundin

American Patriots Extreme Outdoor ClubAmerican Patriots Extreme Outdoor Club
Chase Thompson


APEX OC currently is organized by Chase Thompson. APEX OC was unofficially founded in February 2017 with 4 guys; 3 of them being Veterans, two being retired under medical conditions, from injuries sustained in service. Chase is NRA Certified.  APEX OC is looking forward to the future and providing disabled veteran outdoors enthusiasts with the same experience as those who are able.

Arizona Jones CalendarArizona Jones
Adam Thew


I am a photographer, filmmaker, and adventure seeker, with a love for the outdoors, and a passion for history. My goal is to entertain, educate, and inspire you.  If you’re looking to learn about Arizona’s history and legend, you’ve come to the right place. From the fossilized remains of dinosaurs and sea creatures to ancient indigenous people, to the legendary cowboys of the wild west, to the miners of recent centuries, there is no shortage of intrigue in Arizona’s fascinating past! But more than that, Arizona is a thing of beauty: Wildlife, Waterfalls, Glorious Canyons, Inspiring Mountains, and Wilderness bring so much color to an already vibrant, Great Forty-Eight!


Prescott Trail RidersPrescott Trail Riders
Mike Carpal


Prescott Trail Riders promotes motorized recreation in the Prescott National Forest and Central Arizona region. PTR works with local businesses, government agencies, environmental organizations, and other motorized sports organizations to preserve the local trails and establish new ones. Prescott Trail Riders strive to be the leader in expanding responsible land use for off-highway vehicles, ensuring availability and access for future generations.  Prescott Trail Riders (PTR) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) motorized off-highway vehicle club located in Prescott, Arizona.

Tear Off Products Logo

Tear Off Products
Mike Johns

At TOP, we LOVE UTV’s! Here in the mountains of Arizona, we ride from our backyard in the Prescott National Forest, up to the Grand Canyon, follow the Colorado River to the trails of Lake Havasu, or head southeast to Tucson and our Sonoran deserts near the Mexican border. UTV’s are an exciting way to “get away”. Working with the #1 film in the world, from Racing Optics© – TearOff Products UTV & SxS windshield and LED Light Bar tearoffs, called STAX™ –  Sacrificial Tear-Away for Xtreme conditions – are multiple layers of Mylar film, protected with a proprietary formula on the surface that resists scratching, pitting and even chemical attack!

  • STAX™ –  designed to save your windscreens, windshields and lighting from the harsh and brutal environments encountered on the trail.
  • STAX™ 5 STAR SxS Windshield KIT includes our 3 layer stack for the front/2 layer for the inside, and an application kit to apply your STAX™ at home!
  • Rock chips lead to cracks – the most common threat to glass windshields!
  • Plastic surfaces – coated or not,  collect scratches, become sand pitted, and wiping them down creates “swirls” – none of this is good.
  • Mil Spec and deployed in Afghanistan on the HumVee’s and Apache Helo’s, this technology features UV and IR blockers to lower heat in the cabin and cockpit.
  • Stops “yellowing” – the aging effect on LED light bars and pods.
  • Used by professional racing teams and the U.S. Military – STAX™ will protect your lights & windscreen for months of mud, brush, blowing sand and flying rocks!

Avoid the trouble and expense of ruining a perfectly good windshield – apply STAX ™ Multi-Layer Machine Film. #seeingisbelieving

Tear Off ATV

Fain Family Foundation

Fain Family Foundation
Guy Roginson (Fain Signature Group, Talking Glass Media)


The Fain Family Foundation (FFFoundation) was established by the Fain Family of Prescott Valley, AZ. in 1999 to promote the design, development, sustainability and growth of the community. The FFFoundation continuously reinvests in the Prescott Valley region, ensuring the Fain ethos of operating with a higher purpose is achieved. 

Fain Family Foundation fulfills its mission through the core business activities of the Fain Signature Group. The FFFoundation and Fain Signature Group work in lockstep to produce a legacy complete with stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership, and positive culture. The lion share of this work involves balancing immediate needs of the community with long-term, generational thought and design.

The efforts and community reinvestments of the Fain Family Foundation can be seen in gifts of land for community development like the proposed YMCA of Prescott Valley site, to funding major events like the Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit to spur economic activity while enhancing the lifestyles of residents. The FFFoundation’s extensive efforts also provide for a portion of profits from multifamily projects for the advancement of critical community needs such as much-needed attainable housing. This ongoing commitment is what differentiates the Fain Family, the FFFoundation, and Fain Signature Group as a homegrown community builder who reinvests in the future of the residents and region. – Let’s live a great life together.

Fain Signature Group

Fain Signature Group of Prescott Valley, AZ.

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