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Thunder Mountain Rescue Ranch To Sponsor Pet Lounge

Goat Sanctuary Goes to the Dogs

For the first time, Thunder Mountain Rescue Ranch will be a sponsor and exhibitor at the 2023 Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit.

Located in Chino Valley, Arizona, Thunder Mountain Rescue Ranch is a sanctuary that provides rescued goats, guardian dogs and equine with 15 acres of free grazing and browsing. Accompanied by horses, chickens, dogs, and a donkey name Binkey, Thunder Mountain is a 501C3 Rescue. Money raised towards Thunder Mountain goes towards the animals’ well-being. Over the last 6 years, TMRR has become a home for over 60 goats, and countless other animals in need of a new or better home.

goats, goat rescue, ranch. arizona, chino valleyThunder Mountain prides itself on its free browse land which not only helps feed the goats daily but also helps prevent wildfires in the future. While Thunder Mountain’s main focus is goats, all animals are welcomed.

Visit TMRR

It will be the TMRR’s first visit at the second annual Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit. Be sure to check them out at booth F1. Currently, over 85 outdoor exhibitors have registered for the 2023 Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit. For more information:

You can see what is going on at the Ranch at all times via their Facebook or Instagram! Know an goat that needs a home? Call (928) 554-5735

Photo courtesy of TMRR Facebook page.