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Check Out OFFGRID Outdoor Gear Sept 30 – Oct 1

OFFGRID Outdoor Gear will be exhibiting at the 2023 Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit this September 30th – October 1st in Booth #C14. Since its introduction in 2004, CYC Engineering, Inc. has been an industry-leading manufacturer of truck, JEEP and SUV accessories. Their family of brands include Raptor Series, Magnum, OFFGRID Outdoor Gear, and RSO Suspension. Their goal is to supply best-in-class products in many automotive segments such as off-road and overlanding. Whether you’re looking for a simple accessory or seeking to completely upfit your vehicle, OFFGRID Outdoor has you covered!

OFFGRID Outdoor GearRaptor Series

Raptor Series manufactures a variety of step products in many different styles and finishes to help you find the perfect upgrade that fits your needs. Raptor Series is best known for our Aluminum Slide Track Series products which include: 6in OEM Style Running Boards, 5in Tread Step Running Boards, 5in Oval Style Running Boards, 5in OEM Style Full Tread Running Boards, and the 6.5in Sawtooth Running Boards. Raptor Series also offers classic products such as 4in and 5in OE Curved Oval Steps.


Magnum manufactures a variety of uniquely styled off-road products to help you find the perfect upgrade that fits your needs. Magnum is best known for our RT Style Bumpers and our RT Style Drop Steps. Their innovative and exciting product line continues to inspire new aftermarket trends.


OFFGRID Outdoor Gear manufactures quality outdoor gear to help take your expeditions to the next level. OFFGRID Outdoor Gear is best known for our rugged Rooftop Tents and Retractable Awnings. They also offer a variety of other outdoor products such as our XL Camping Chairs, 45 Liter Electric Coolers, Heavy Duty Collapsible Outdoor Wagon Cart, and our Collapsible Pop-Up Trash/Storage Bin. OFFGRID Outdoor Gear has you covered for any of your camping and overlanding needs!

RSO Suspension

RSO Suspension manufactures premium quality suspension kits and components for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. With their combined decades of experience and enthusiasm for the off-road industry, they are committed to bringing only the best high-performance products to market. RSO Suspension is best known for our Adjustable Shocks, Heavy-Duty Track Bars, Coil Springs, Control Arms, and more. Their team will only accept durable parts on our rides, and they believe everyone should have access to that same quality at affordable prices!

Near Zero Logo
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Near Zero Outdoor Gear to Exhibit at 2023 Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit

The Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit is proud to announce that Near Zero Outdoor Gear has signed on as an exhibitor for the 2023 outdoor event taking place at the Findlay Toyota Center and surrounding grounds in Prescott Valley.  The only thing better than Near Zero’s lightweight outdoor products is their story.

Near Zero outdoor summit

Image courtesy of Near Zero website.

Near Zero’s creation stems from a love for the outdoors of company founder Scott Jensen and his fond memories of spending countless nights under the stars as a Boy Scout, as well as adventuring with his father and five brothers. An avid outdoorsman and backpacker, his father Dean, was known to religiously weigh each piece of equipment before an outing and to hike a mile from his home for impromptu overnighters in the Arizona desert, just to test out new gear.  For years, Scott and Dean dreamed of starting their own outdoor gear company. Then in June 2018, Dean unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack. After his passing, that dream became Scott’s passion, and Near Zero was born.

As Scott’s business and product line grew, he realized making lightweight, quality equipment that could unlock access to the outdoors for anyone willing to strap on a pack was paramount.  He made sure his tents were constructed with the highest quality fabrics and designed them so you could see unobstructed views and the night stars. Sleeping bags and camping accessories all had to pass the test his father would have put them through.

Then, in 2022 Scott introduced Near Zero’s newest backpack. THE DEAN backpacking system not only honors his father’s legacy, it inspires confidence in those seeking a respite from nature. It empowers and encourages everyone to get outside and experience the magnificence and simplicity of the great outdoors. Just like Dean did.

Near Zero’s gear is so lightweight that getting far into nature has never been easier. From independent toddlers to adventurous retirees and everyone in between, no one should be sidelined from getting into nature.

Check out Near Zero at Booth #C3 at the 2023 Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit taking place September 30th – October 1st at the Findlay Toyota Center and surrounding outdoor grounds. #GetOutdoors #PVOSAZ