Archery’s Largest Worldwide Manufacturer of Nocks, Vanes Joins 2023 Summit

Arizona Archery Enterprises

Arizona Archery Enterprises, based in Prescott Valley, AZ. is the world’s largest manufacturer of nocks and vanes. The Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit is proud to announce Arizona Archery Enterprises will be sponsoring the archery section at this year’s summit as the “Eagle Eye” sponsor in booth A1.

Arizona Archery Enterprises

About Arizona Archery Enterprises

In 1971, Tom and Millie Fisher, along with Charlie and Liz Sandlin, bought Plastifletch from Max Hamilton and his wife, Jewel. Plastifletch vane technology and manufacturing evolved as time went on. Back in 1948, Max cut the first vanes with scissors and templates, then progressed to a cellulose-extruded material and a punch press.

AAE started injection molding vanes in 1974 due to a lack of quality extrusion equipment while at the same time introducing the Plastinock. Since then, AAE has led the industry in the manufacturing of nocks and vanes and continues to be the largest manufacturer of vanes and nocks in the world. AAE relocated to our current location in Prescott Valley, Arizona in 1977.

At the turn of the century, Tom and Millie elected to retire and sell the company to their two sons, T.J. and Dan Fisher, as they were both instrumental in AAE’s past accomplishments and growth. In 2006, AAE took the opportunity to purchase Cavalier Equipment from Dick and Diane Tone, which added a blooming line of quality products to AAE’s growing brand. 2013 brought more change as Dan Fisher retired from AAE to pursue other interests outside of the family business. The past decade has seen Nick Fisher, who was raised and trained in the family business, become GM. With the evolving, strong support team, Nick expects the 50-year legacy of the Fisher Family and Arizona Archery Enterprises to continue its success for decades to come.

Today, AAE continues to be the world’s largest manufacturer of nocks and vanes. Whether it is one of our own designs or custom-designed arrow components for one of our archery partners, you can be assured that quality is the most important aspect of the product.

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